Role of Managers


Apple’s organization is managing like large one group. Apple’s organization chart doesn’t have middle managers (C.T.O). So top manager and first-line managers share the roles of a middle manager. First-line managers communicate with Top manager(C.E.O) directly. And they has a communicator (KATIE COTTON), he coordinates and links groups.

Top manager (C.E.O) – Timothy Cook

– Creating a context for change.
– Developing commitment and ownership in employees.
– Creating a positive organizational culture language and action.
– Monitoring their business environments.
– Plan and allocate resources to meet objectives.

First-line managers

First-line managers is linking by this order ; A-B-C-Other groups.
A – Jonathan Ive
– Plan and allocate resources to meet objectives of C.E.O.
– Make detailed schedules and operating plans.
B – Bob Mansfield
– Plan and allocate resources to meet objectives of A.
C- Eddy Cue
-Plan and allocate resources to meet objectives of B.

In Apple Inc, you’ll serve as an inspiring leader, rallying your staff to achieve its highest potential. But you’ll also be a doer, happy to roll up your sleeves and pitch in whenever duty calls.

Market Leader

Help architect our future. Be a leader of leaders. Get ready for your perfect job, one that encourages you to think strategically yet stay connected with your teams. Do you have premium-brand regional or director-level experience? If so, prepare to innovate, create, and inspire. 

Store Leader

Store Leader may be the official job title, but Visionary is more like it. We’re looking for people with premium-brand retail store or district leadership experience who are ready to take it up a notch. If you’re an innovative thinker, a master strategic planner, and an excellent coach, partner, and friend, then you could be a key player in our retail revolution. 


As second-in-command, you’ll use your people skills and business smarts to create a retail environment that inspires both employees and customers. Put your enthusiasm for technology, projects, and ideas to work while monitoring customer experiences, leading training and development, and driving sales. Applicants should have 3–5 years of retail leadership experience.

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