Founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, has influenced more than just computerized design gadget. With his management system, he has leaded both himself and his company to a successful company. This part will focus in the management planning of Apple Inc. that has made them a most valuable and respectful company in the whole world.

1. Focus on customer and client experience


Apple innovated their new products by learning from their customer’s complain and experience. Before they plan to market their new product, first they study the errors on their previous products first. They focus on the reparation of the errors and as a result, the new product is better than the previous one and they will reach their yearly aim because they have targeted based on the surveys of the customer’s criticism and complaint. As an example, Apple discovered that a lot of customer complained when they buy an album of an artist because they frequently lost their physical albums. Therefore, Steve Jobs invented the electronic album which is easier for the customer to keep their song data in the computer and can bring them everywhere without feeling afraid of losing the album. Another example is before they made iPhone 4, they made a survey about the customer’s satisfaction of using iPhone 3Gs, and they fixed the errors of iPhone 3Gs and as a result, four million units of iPhone 4 were sold in the first three days of launching, which was on October 2011.

2. Make a curiosity feeling among the customer

Keynote Teaser

Before the product was launched, there is lot of teaser of the new Apple products. The product teasers make the customer’s feeling of curiosity getting obviously bigger and bigger. With this planning strategy, they can make an amount of target on how many will their new product will be launched in order to not wasting the number of products in a period of productions. As an example, when Steve Jobs wanted to launce iPad, he advertised the teaser of the iPad with the feature that can replace the computer. From the teaser, they can listen to the customer’s opinion about it. Therefore, they can predict the amount of iPad produced in the first batch of production.

3. Build a strong vision

Apple, Inc. has a company vision: “To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind”. With this vision, they can set goals and track their progress based on this vision. Also, when they manufacture a product, they produced it based on this vision because when the customer knows their vision, customers will think of Apple product when they want a gadget, which are smart and reliable to do human’s job. As an example, MacBook. MacBook is an invention of Steve Jobs which is really, really amazing. It really helps people in every aspect, starting from businesses, educations, even in musical industry. They invented the computerized multi-tasking system that the human being has never imagined before. It really works for people because usually people do more than a job when they use a computer and sometimes it feels guilty when they open too many programs and it will look messy. With multitasking, every person can do many jobs in a time because the program was organized neatly and easier to use for every person with different types of jobs.

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