What Does Apple Do To Motivate Their Employees ?

Most of successful organization share a common attribute that employees play a


significant role in business performance . Therefore , even each firm has their different strategy to motivate their employee , these strategies still mainly focus on the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs . As Apple Inc. , a leader in technology industry, has proved the efficiency in their strategy of worker’s encouragement by turning into the most innovative and admired company in the world .

There are many methods Apple employs to motivate its employees . According to Maslow’s theory , low-order need should be taken as priority . In Apple position , they have fulfilled their employee needs of physiological by setting an average salary of $ 108,483 which basically can ensure survival . Then , Apple also provides a wide range of application to protect the safety need of workers such as the development of health and safety standard ,  training more employees to identify hazards or providing safety equipment . Furthermore , the Apple 2013 report illustrates the improvement in Apple research to provide employee a better workplace including support of social networks , work group and enhance worker-supervisor relationships .

Beside the satisfaction of priority needs in Maslow’s theory , Apple Inc. is focusing more on the higher-order needs . As an example of assuring the Esteem need , Apple rewarded its executives by giving them a recognition bonus of salary from 3 to 5 percent . This method indicate the approval of Apple to its employees who has effectively finished their works .  Another good example for esteem need is that Apple’s worker can receive a free Iphone , it is not only a benefit to worker but also an effective motivator because it would increase employee responsibilities when they see the end result of their effort . At the highest needs in Maslow’s hierarchy , Apple has successfully motivated its workers by creating more opportunities for employees to participate in education and development program ( over 200,000 employees since 2008 ) . Importantly , as Borchers , who is an engineer for Apple , said that Steve Jobs didn’t have a specific device in mind , and he only gave the team a mission : “ create a phone that people would love so much that they would never leave the house without it “ . As a result , this mission has been wildly successful , because Apple corporate gave their employee the chance to be creative , growth and also breaking the rule .

In conclusion , motivation employee are critically important for the successful of a company . And Apple is worth as a leader , their strategy is a perfect example because they was not only getting employee to do something or fulfill their needs , but also getting these employees want to do and work for Apple .


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