History of Apple Inc.

Apple is probably the most well-known company when it comes to the making of technology that is cutting edge and something that everyone wants to have in their possession. Apple Computer first came to be a company in 1976 when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak when they released the Apple I and was located in Cupertino, California. These two young men dropped out of college, and were often viewed as outcasts in most of the places that they were at, including schools, which could have been the reason that they dropped out of college. As most people have heard, Apple really started in the basement or garage, depending on who the person talks to rather than at some expensive business location. Which is perhaps the reason so many people were first intrigued by the brand and could be the reason that the computers were such a success, they were created by guys that knew what they wanted and passed this on to the rest of the world. And what they wanted was something that other people wanted as well.

AppleUntil the nineties, the company produced some of the best personal computers that could be found on the market, including the Apple brand, Macintosh and Power Mac computers. However, they saw a downfall in their sales after nineties as the competition began to increase and the company was then trying to figure out what to do differently to keep their company running. The year 2001 was a banner year for the company since this was the year that they introduced the Apple iPod, which is one of those devices that have many other companies copying, though none can be as good as the original.

The first order that the two built is somewhat of an amazing feat that was the beginning of the company. After being introduced to one another, they made a working model of their computer and took it to a nearby computer store in order to try to make it onto the market. The owners of the store ordered fifty of the machine that was to be fully assembled and ready to go, which seemed to be an impossible feat. However, they did succeed as they bartered and promised many IOU’s to companies to get the parts that they would need since they had no money to buy these on their own. They finished all fifty machines in thirty days and took them to the store to sell, which they received around five hundred dollars a piece for these machines. They were a hit with those that came to the store.

The company continued to stay on top of their game and improve upon their technology, they produced such things as the iMac, which really did help to propel the company in the eyes of many consumers. Now, Apple is a brand that most people automatically know all over the world. They are known for their innovative technology that is usually the first of its kind on the market and something that all people love to own and make their lives a bit easier with the advancements that they gave people. For those that are interested in the history of Apple, then they should visit nostoptechnology.com.

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