Welcome to Management of Apple Inc.

This is a practical online management analysis tools that allow you to learn about Apple Inc. Management easily. This website is divided into five sections. At the first sections we will explain about the History of Apple. Follow by the second section, we will identify the Roles of Managers inside Apple Inc. organization. Next, for the third section we will explore how do Apple Inc. running their planning process. The fourth sections will show you how do general environment which is ‘P.E.S.T’ influence the decision-making process of Apple. Last but not least , we will also discuss the way Apple Inc. apply their Motivation theory inside their company.

Have fun in exploring our blog !

6 responses to “Welcome

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  2. Looking for functioning roles in apple inc. management.

  3. when was this blog created?

  4. Hello, can I please ask you when did you publish the section of Motivation of Apple? I am writing an essay and would like to use your blog as a source and I need to know the date of publication to reference it properly. Thank you 🙂

  5. hello its me

  6. Apple plans to fight hacking the TERRORISTS phones…that’s National Security!!!! If that’s the case I’m done with Apple and I will tell everyone who will listen of your ridiculous plan. Hope your company plummets

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